Woman tries to take her seat on a plane – but she refuses, and what happens next has the internet is divided

A woman’s plane journey turned uncomfortable when she refused to give up her extra paid seat for a fellow passenger’s toddler.

The woman, who usually books an extra seat for her comfort due to her size, found herself next to a mother and her 18-month-old child. The mother asked her to squeeze into one seat so her toddler could have the extra one, but the woman declined, explaining she had paid for both seats.

A flight attendant intervened and suggested the mother hold her child in her lap as most young children do. Throughout the flight, the mother made the woman uncomfortable with dirty looks and passive-aggressive remarks.

The woman later sought opinions on Reddit, where people generally sided with her. Many criticized the mother for not buying a seat for her child and assuming someone else would give up theirs. Some empathized with the mother’s desire for a comfortable flight but noted that she should have prioritized buying a seat for her child.

In this debate, opinions vary, but many support the woman who paid for her extra seat, highlighting the importance of respecting each passenger’s choices and reservations.