Woman Issues Frightening WARNING After Finding a Stroller Abandoned on the Side of The Road

The Viral Warning

A concerned mother has issued a viral warning about a new scam preying on the kindness of strangers. She shared a photo of an abandoned stroller near some bushes, urging: “If you see a stroller, car seat, or any type of baby situation alone in the middle of nowhere, please, I repeat, don’t get out. Be safe.”

Reactions from the Public

The warning sparked widespread reactions. One person commented, “Yes, people lie in wait. At best they rob you, at worst they bash you too.” Another noted, “Families are struggling, some of them will use kids as bait.”

The Modus Operandi

This tactic involves thieves waiting to ambush those who stop to check on the stroller, often leading to robbery or physical harm. Despite being an old trick, the recent post has garnered significant attention globally.

Alternatives to Stopping

Many advised calling authorities instead of stopping. “I would just call the police to have a look at it. It sounds harsh but it isn’t worth the trouble,” one suggested. Others recommended staying in the vehicle and contacting law enforcement.


The post has been shared 23,000 times, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant. While helping is noble, personal safety should come first. If you encounter an ‘abandoned baby’ or any suspicious situation, remember to stay safe, call the police, and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way