Wild Mouse Goes Through “Rehab” After Eating Cannabis Plant

In New Brunswick, Canada, where cannabis is legal, a humorous incident unfolded involving a wild mouse discovered “stoned” among cannabis plants. Colin Sullivan, the farmer who found the mouse, noticed it had indulged in his cannabis leaves for two days, leading to its incapacitated state. Concerned for its well-being, Sullivan initiated a “rehab” process by confining the mouse in a cage to detox.

Over six days, Sullivan humorously chronicled the mouse’s recovery on Facebook, describing it as a “little pothead” and joking about its “self-medication” for its missing ear, suggesting PTSD. He weaned the mouse off cannabis, gradually reducing its intake to one leaf per day until it fully recovered.

The story quickly went viral, amassing thousands of shares and comments, with followers enjoying Sullivan’s witty updates and puns like “Rodent to Redemption.” This light-hearted tale not only provided entertainment but also highlighted Sullivan’s compassionate approach to wildlife affected by the legal cannabis environment in New Brunswick, reflecting the community’s responsible and educated stance on cannabis use.