Why Elizabeth Montgomery Didn’t Wear a Bra in Late Bewitched Seasons

In the later seasons of the iconic TV series “Bewitched,” Elizabeth Montgomery’s character, Samantha Stephens, notably eschewed wearing a bra in several episodes. This choice was not merely personal but a deliberate creative decision made with the show’s producers and costume designers. As the series evolved, Samantha’s character began to reflect themes of liberation and empowerment, aligning with the changing social attitudes of the era. By going braless, Montgomery aimed to embody Samantha’s confident and free-spirited nature, challenging traditional femininity and embracing a more natural look.

The practical side of this decision was also significant. Restrictive undergarments of the time were often uncomfortable during long hours on set. Prioritizing Montgomery’s comfort allowed her to fully embody Samantha without unnecessary constraints. Although unconventional, this wardrobe choice deepened Samantha’s character, resonating with audiences and reflecting the spirit of the times.