Where Cheaters Got What They Deserved

My name is Candace, a college professor, and one exhausted day, I returned home to an unsettling scene. My husband Octavius’s jacket was misplaced, and strange sounds emanated from our bedroom. Upon entering, I found Octavius with Ariadne, my brightest student, in a compromising position. “Octavius, what’s happening?” I asked, noting his disheveled appearance.

Octavius hastily explained that Ariadne was there for career advice. I turned to Ariadne, who nervously confirmed, “Y-yes,” but something felt off. After insisting Octavius leave, Ariadne admitted the situation looked worse than it was, and I asked her to go home.

That night, Octavius continued to claim innocence, but I discovered incriminating emails on his laptop between him and Ariadne, as well as other students. “We’re done, Octavius,” I declared, facing the betrayal head-on. His protests did not sway me.

Weeks later in court, as Octavius defended himself, the police arrived with an arrest warrant. The evidence against him was overwhelming. Stepping out of the courtroom, I was determined to rebuild a safe, honest life for myself and my child. “I won’t let you destroy their lives,” I had told Octavius, standing firm in my resolve.