When displaying his son’s horrifying surf injuries, Matthew McConaughey refers to them as “souvenirs.”

Actor Matthew McConaughey shared a photo,

on Instagram featuring his son Levi’s surfing injuries, which he humorously called “souvenirs.” This light-hearted approach sparked mixed reactions among Instagram users.

Levi, McConaughey’s 14-year-old son, was pictured beside his neon green surfboard with noticeable bandages and a pink plaster on his back. Instagram users had diverse responses, with some expressing concern for Levi’s injuries and others supporting Matthew’s casual attitude. One comment even humorously referred to the injuries as “nature’s tattoos,” reflecting the divided opinions.

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila have a dynamic family, with three children, and are known for embracing challenges. Camila recently shared a harrowing plane experience in which the aircraft descended 4,000 feet due to lightning, resulting in injuries to several passengers. Despite these challenges, the McConaugheys exemplify resilience and a readiness to confront life’s difficulties head-on.