What’s Going On with Bennifer: His Staying in a Separate Home, No Joint Pics in Weeks, Her ‘Strained’ Look & More

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly going through a rough patch. Affleck has been seen staying in a separate home and spotted alone frequently, while Lopez has been busy in New York promoting her new movie and attending the Met Gala without him. The couple hasn’t been photographed together in weeks, fueling split rumors.

Fans have noticed Lopez’s strained appearance at the Met Gala, adding to the speculation. On social media, some express hope for their relationship, while others aren’t surprised by the rumors. Lopez hinted at relationship troubles by liking an Instagram post about the challenges of nurturing relationships.

Despite their publicized rekindling in 2021 and marriage in 2022, both have acknowledged the emotional scars from their early 2000s romance. Affleck’s recent solo activities, including filming and dining with friends, contrast with Lopez’s house hunting in Beverly Hills.

Neither has confirmed the breakup rumors, but their recent behavior has left fans concerned. Only time will tell if Lopez and Affleck can overcome these challenges and continue their relationship.