TRAGIC LOSS. The Funniest Man in America has passed away today

Comedian James Gregory, known as “the Funniest Man in America,” passed away on May 9, due to heart problems. His family announced his death with sadness, highlighting his legacy of bringing laughter to countless lives. James, born in 1946 in Lithonia, Georgia, began working in his family’s grocery store at age 11. After a brief stint in the Marines, he transitioned to comedy at 36, quickly gaining popularity in the southeastern US.

Throughout his 41-year career, he entertained US troops worldwide. His nieces, Martha Anne, Mary Jane, and Candie, cared for him in his final days. His upcoming memoir, A Bushel of Beans and a Peck of Tomatoes: The Life and Times of “The Funniest Man in America,” is set for release in November.

James Gregory’s family remembers him fondly: “He made many people laugh and smile, and he left an indelible mark on the comedy world and on the people who loved him.” His journey from a grocery store worker to a beloved comedian resonates in his enduring impact on comedy.