This Man Reacted Perfectly To A Little Girl With Autism Calling Him “Daddy” During A Flight

During a flight from Disneyland, Shanell Mouland was worried about her daughter Kate, who has autism, disturbing other passengers. She placed Kate in the middle seat to minimize distractions.

As the plane filled up, everyone avoided sitting next to Kate, except for one man in a business suit. When Kate called him “Daddy,” he didn’t flinch. Instead, he engaged with her, answering her questions and showing her his iPad. Thanks to him, Kate had her best flight ever.

Shanell wrote a heartfelt “thank you” note to the stranger, which went viral. In the note, she expressed her gratitude for his kindness and patience. She shared how he interacted with Kate, making her feel comfortable and safe.

The man, identified as Eric Kunkel from New Jersey, has since become good friends with the Moulands. His kind gesture made a significant impact on their lives, demonstrating the power of compassion.

We’re blessed to have people like “Daddy at 16c.”