The Tough Life Of Pattie Mallette

Few know the harsh road traveled by Pattie Mallette, mother of Justin Bieber. She endured a challenging childhood but now takes pride in her son’s success.

“My childhood was dominated by abuse and violence,” Mallette revealed.

Pattie, a Canadian screenwriter and producer, had Justin at 17 while struggling emotionally. She started using substances at 14 and was expelled from school for vandalism. By 16, she ran away from home, surviving on petty theft and drug selling.

Feeling alone and depressed, a suicide attempt at 17 led to a hospital stay where she converted to Christianity. After reconnecting with Jeremy Bieber, she became pregnant with Justin.

In 2007, Mallette supported Justin’s musical talents, enrolling him in a talent show where he placed second. She shared videos online, leading to his internet fame.

Her autobiography, “Nowhere but Up,” details her journey and debuted on the New York Times Best Seller list.