The superstar’s 3-year-old son dies after tragic river accident

Spencer Wright’s three-year-old son, Levi, has been declared brain dead after falling into a river in Beaver County, Utah. The incident occurred while Levi was riding a toy tractor and accidentally plunged into the fast-moving water. His mother jumped in to search for him, eventually pulling him from the river.

Emergency responders restored Levi’s heartbeat, but he did not regain consciousness and was declared brain dead. The family spokesperson, Mindy Sue Clark, shared that Levi’s heart is beating, but he shows no signs of rehabilitation. Heartbreaking images show Levi being cradled by his mother at Salt Lake City Hospital.

In a statement, the family expressed their grief: “We cuddled him all night and feel strongly that his spirit is no longer with us. Shortly we will stop care and hold him close until his last breath on earth. My Baby, my beans, Mom & Dad love you always and forever!”

Spencer Wright, a renowned rodeo champion, is mourning the loss of his beloved son.