Tesla Owner Faces Lockout and Costly Battery Replacement Issue

Being a Tesla owner today comes with eco-friendly benefits but also significant challenges. Mario Zelaya, a Canadian Tesla owner, experienced this firsthand when he was locked out of his car due to a dead battery. Replacing the battery would cost $26,000. Frustrated, Zelaya took to TikTok, stating, “$26k for a new battery. Locked out of a car. Recalls are needed.”

Zelaya planned to sell his Tesla but was unable to without the ownership documents locked inside the car. With some suggestions to dismantle the car, he managed to obtain the papers for $30.

Zelaya bought his Tesla in 2013 and discovered that fluid leakage from the vehicle damages the batteries over time. He reported this to Transport Canada, prompting an investigation. Tesla has yet to address these concerns publicly.

Tesla faces various complaints and legal issues. In Germany, a court ruled against Tesla, citing safety hazards. In 2022, Tesla recalled 578,000 vehicles due to safety standard violations.

Zelaya’s TikTok video received widespread support, with many sharing similar experiences. Ultimately, Zelaya sold his Tesla to a new owner planning to dismantle and recharge it, ending his troubled journey with the car.