Take a Seat, This Viral Cow Math Puzzle Will Take Your Brain for a Ride

A new brain teaser involving the purchase and sale of a cow has taken Twitter by storm,

sparking widespread discussion and a bit of confusion. Unlike the usual riddles, this one brings a quaint cottage core vibe to the world of viral puzzles. The challenge lies in calculating the net profit from a series of transactions.

Here’s how the cow math puzzle works:
1. The cow is initially purchased for $800 and then sold for $1000, resulting in a $200 profit.
2. The cow is bought back for $1100. Considering the previous profit of $200, the effective cost is $900 ($1100 – $200).
3. Finally, the cow is sold again for $1300, leading to another profit of $400 ($1300 – $900).

So, after all the buying and selling, the total profit made from these transactions is $400,