Single dad helps elderly lady mow her lawn, soon gets a shocking call from her lawyer

Felix, a single dad, noticed his elderly neighbor, Mrs. McAllister, struggling to mow her lawn. Concerned, he offered to help, wondering why her son never assisted her. Grateful, Mrs. McAllister invited him inside and gave him a special box as a thank you. Felix hesitated but accepted the gift.

At home, Felix’s daughter, Suzie, discovered papers with codes inside the box. Felix decided to return the box to Mrs. McAllister, but found her dead the next day. Shocked, he later learned online that the box was worth over $250,000.

Felix received a call from Mrs. McAllister’s lawyer, Tim, who accused him of stealing the box. Mrs. McAllister’s son, Henry, demanded its return, claiming it was a valuable family heirloom. Felix refused, stating Mrs. McAllister gifted it to him.

Felix attempted to verify the box’s value at an auction house but lacked documentation. Accused of theft, he fled and returned to Mrs. McAllister’s house to find proof but was caught by Henry, who threatened to call the police unless Felix returned the box.

Felix decided to keep the box and asked Suzie to sell it for her education. He was arrested but later bailed out by his mother and daughter. Suzie revealed she found a note and award inside the box, proving it was a genuine gift from Mrs. McAllister. They sold the box, paid Felix’s bail, and still had $100,000 left.

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