Should You Rinse Ground Beef?

Ground beef is a kitchen staple, perfect for tacos and spaghetti. However, there’s a debate: Should you rinse ground beef before or after cooking?

Pro Rinsing

Some advocate for rinsing to reduce fat content, making the dish leaner. “Rinsing can be the hero that saves your meal from becoming a greasy catastrophe.” This is appealing for those watching their calorie intake or preferring less oily meals.

Against Rinsing

Others argue that rinsing ground beef washes away essential savory juices, leading to a bland and dry dish. “When you rinse ground beef, you risk washing away some of the savory juices that make your dish delicious.”

Practical Issues

Rinsing can also be messy and pose plumbing risks, as fat can solidify in pipes, causing blockages and costly repairs. Proper fat disposal involves letting it cool, solidify, and scraping it into a container to be thrown away.


Whether to rinse depends on your priorities. For less fat, rinsing helps. For flavor and convenience, skip the rinse.