She grew up, and when people saw what the US baby giant looks like now, they were shocked

Jessica Leonard was born a healthy child, but by age seven, she weighed an alarming 220 kilograms, making headlines as the heaviest child in the U.S. Her excessive weight gain stemmed from unchecked indulgences in fast food and snacks, supported by well-meaning but misguided family members.

Her life took a critical turn when she was rushed to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital due to severe breathing difficulties. This event caught the attention of child protective services and marked the beginning of Jessica’s transformative journey.

Highlighted on a national show, Jessica’s struggle resonated with many, attracting support from top dietitians and nutritionists. Alongside her medical treatment, her mother Carolyn took parenting classes to better support Jessica’s new lifestyle.

Through rigorous dieting, exercise, psychological counseling, and immense determination, Jessica successfully shed 140 kilograms. She also underwent surgery to remove excess skin. Today, Jessica leads a vibrant, healthy life, participating in gymnastics and basketball, and maintaining a nutritious diet.