Science shows this 43-year-old model has the ‘perfect body’

Recent research from Texas University is challenging long-held beauty standards,

, suggesting that the ideal female body may not be as slender as once thought. The study points to a “fuller” and “curvier” figure as the epitome of attractiveness, with specific measurements including a BMI of 18.85, a 93 cm bust, 61 cm waist, and 87 cm hips, and a hip to waist ratio between .65 and .75. British model Kelly Brook matches these dimensions perfectly and, despite being considered “plump” by contemporary beauty norms, science suggests she has what is viewed as the most attractive body shape by men.

This shift in perspective is part of a broader move towards recognizing and appreciating diversity in beauty. It underscores that beauty is subjective and varies widely across different cultures and personal preferences. The study reinforces that the traditional image of a thin model as the sole form of beauty is changing, celebrating the idea that attractiveness encompasses a range of body types. This is evident in the rise of models like Ashley Graham, who embody and advocate for this inclusiveness in beauty standards.

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