Real Stories of Celebrity Moms Embracing Extended Breastfeeding

  1. Mayim Bialik breastfed her son until he was over four years old, highlighting the bonding and nutritional benefits despite challenges like discomfort.
  2. Thandiwe Newton finds breastfeeding her toddler a source of “perfect happiness,” fulfilling a natural purpose of her body.
  3. Nelly Furtado breastfed her daughter for two years, enjoying increased energy afterward and encouraging other moms to embrace the experience.
  4. Nikki Reed focuses on her child’s needs, letting her daughter lead their breastfeeding journey.
  5. Selma Blair advocates for public breastfeeding, prioritizing her son’s needs while breastfeeding him until age two.
  6. Danica McKellar breastfed her child until two and a half years, emphasizing personal choice in breastfeeding duration.
  7. Bekah Martinez and Coco Austin both support extended breastfeeding, with Martinez advocating for tandem nursing and Austin continuing to breastfeed her daughter at age five for comfort and bonding.