Police Seize $107k From Married Massachusetts Couple Without Even Charging Them For A Crime

A Massachusetts couple, Adam and Jennifer Perry, lost over $100,000 after a federal judge ruled in favor of the government’s request to keep the cash found in their vehicle during a traffic stop. The incident occurred four years ago when the Perrys were pulled over for speeding in northwest Illinois while en route to Salt Lake City.

The Illinois State Trooper suspected drug activity and, with the assistance of a K-9 unit, searched the Toyota Tundra. The search revealed $102,000 in a suitcase, $5,520 in Jennifer’s wallet, a black duffel bag smelling of marijuana, and various packing materials. A loaded Smith and Wesson pistol was also found in the vehicle.

Although no drugs were discovered, the couple was taken in for questioning. Despite not being charged with any crime, their money and truck were seized. Judge Sara Darrow of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois ruled that the Perrys failed to prove the legitimate source of the funds.

Adam Perry argued for their innocence, citing various sources of the money, including insurance settlements and vehicle sales. However, U.S. Attorney James A. Lewis contended that the cash was traceable to drug activities, justifying the government’s seizure.