People Slam Bride for ‘Ugly’ Wedding Dress — She Responds and Critics Delete All Their Comments

Camille Lescai looked forward to unveiling her unique wedding dress, which she kept a secret until her special day in November 2022. Lescai, a Sydney bride, hoped to make a personal statement with her blush pink gown, valued at $4,400. “I wanted my dress to reflect my personality,” she remarked about her style choice. However, after sharing a video of the dress reveal on TikTok, where she originally had only 300 followers, the post went viral and attracted a flood of unexpected criticism.

Viewers quickly filled the comment section with harsh judgments, labeling her gown “ugly,” “dated,” and “trashy.” One user even said, “I would have called off the wedding if I were the groom.” These comments turned what was meant to be a showcase of her happiest day into a forum for ridicule.

Determined not to let the harsh words diminish her joy, Lescai confronted the negativity head-on. She started responding to the comments, especially those hiding behind anonymity, challenging the online culture of impunity. “If you make nasty comments online, you should expect to be held to account,” she declared, highlighting the need for more responsible online behavior.

Her stance sparked a wave of support, transforming the conversation around her dress. Supporters voiced their admiration and solidarity, changing the narrative from criticism to commendation.