People Are Boycotting McDonald’s After Seeing What Worker Was “Cooking” With The Fries

A McDonald’s employee in Booval, Queensland, was caught on camera drying a mop head under a fries warmer, sparking outrage. The video, shared widely online, showed the worker holding a microfiber mop head near a package of fresh fries, leading to mixed public reactions. While some joked, others were appalled, with one commenter calling it the “most brainless thing” they had seen.

McDonald’s Australia responded by stating that the employee had been spoken to but would retain her job. They assured the public that this was an isolated incident and emphasized their commitment to food safety. Despite this, many customers remained skeptical about the cleanliness standards at McDonald’s.

The incident has sparked discussions about food safety in fast-food establishments. Some former employees shared tips online on how to ensure fresh food, such as ordering burgers without salt and pepper or claiming allergies to get freshly made items.

McDonald’s quick response and promise of re-training aim to address the issue, but the company faces increased scrutiny from both customers and health inspectors.