Off The Record Nadya Suleman, A Mom Of Octuplets Celebrates Their 15th Birthday

Nadya Suleman, known as “Octomom,” recently celebrated the 15th birthday of her octuplets with a family go-kart outing. The group photo features the octuplets—Noah, Josiah, Nariyah, Maliyah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Makai—smiling alongside balloons, nearly matching their mother in height. Another snapshot captured them displaying their unique styles in a mid-air jump.

In a reflective post, Suleman praised her children’s exceptional qualities, saying, “You are all growing into some of the most kind, humble, grateful, and loving human beings I have ever known.” She highlighted their altruism and their role as followers of God, contrasting their behavior with societal norms.

Suleman, a mother of 14, has not expanded her family beyond the octuplets and her six older children. Last August, she shared an update as the octuplets prepared for eighth grade, emphasizing their positive influence on younger students. She concluded with a heartfelt “I love you,” coupled with a note of respect for her older children’s privacy.