Nobleman Dies in Freak Accident, Falls Out of Window While Letting Cat Out

Michael Brudenell-Bruce, the 8th Marquess of Ailesbury, died at 98 in a freak accident. He fell from his bedroom window while letting his cat out, hitting his head on the concrete patio. His long-term partner, Teresa Marshall de Paoli, found him and called emergency services.

De Paoli, 88, told The Sun, “It was an absolutely freak accident… I hadn’t hit him.” She believed he had lain there for at least an hour before she found him. “I said to him ‘Oh my darling what has happened,’ but he was dead.” She was allowed to say goodbye and spray his favorite aftershave on him.

The couple had lived together for 14 years in London. The Met Police confirmed they attended the scene and ruled the death as unexpected but not suspicious.

In 2011, Prince Harry briefly dated Florence Brudenell-Bruce, a model and distant relative of the Marquess. Florence is the daughter of Andrew Brudenell-Bruce and a distant relation of the third Marquess of Ailesbury.