Mystery Objects That Almost Broke The Internet

The object in the image is actually an attachment for an old Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer. Specifically, it is part of the juicer attachment. The spout is designed for the juice to pour out while the wire component holds a small strainer to filter out pulp. This particular attachment highlights the specialized tools that were commonly used with vintage kitchen appliances.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster was a popular kitchen appliance in the mid-20th century, known for its versatility and range of attachments. The juicer attachment, including this spout, allowed users to efficiently extract juice from fruits while ensuring a smooth consistency by filtering out the pulp. Such specialized tools demonstrate the ingenuity of past kitchen equipment designs, aiming to provide a comprehensive solution for various culinary tasks.

Finding this in a drawer might confuse someone unfamiliar with vintage kitchen gadgets, but it is a harmless, practical tool from a bygone era of home cooking.