My Sister Billed Me $2,145 for the Surprise Birthday Party She Threw for Me – I Was Ready to Pay until I Saw Her Wallet

Hey everyone, I’m Christina! I just turned 29, and it’s a birthday I can’t forget for all the wrong reasons. How would you feel if you were told to pay for a surprise you didn’t ask for? Because, well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

Birthdays haven’t exactly been my jam lately due to medical bills. So, imagine my surprise when my sister Lori calls me two days before my birthday, asking about my plans. “Honestly? Probably nothing. Gotta save up some cash for those pesky medical bills.”

On my birthday, Lori invited me over. When I arrived, I was greeted with a surprise party. “This is amazing! Thank you, thank you so much!” I told Lori, genuinely touched.

But then, Lori handed me an envelope. Inside was a bill for $2,145. “It’s, uh, the bill for the party!” she said. My heart sank. She threw me a party I couldn’t afford and expected me to pay for it.

As the party continued, Lori’s wallet fell, spilling cash. I found a bill with a note: “For Christina’s b-day bash! Love, Sarah.” It wasn’t just Lori’s money; everyone had chipped in. “Did everyone chip in for the party?” I asked, showing the bill.

The room erupted in surprise. Lori’s face turned pale. “I was just…holding onto it for safekeeping,” she stammered. I demanded the money be returned. “I’m not paying a cent for this party. Lori, you can return the money to everyone who chipped in.”