My own family destroyed our special day!

u/Deleted User: My wedding day was shaping up to be legendary, right? Huge barn, and a massive guest list of 250, all orchestrated by my folks. But when D-Day arrives, it’s a total disaster—only like 30 people show up.

I’m standing there in my wedding gown, feeling more ghosted than an overused Snapchat account. But soon, I realized the most important people – my nuclear family, my bridesmaids, and my groom – weren’t there either.

I started calling my fiancé, my mom, and anybody who’d answer. Nothing. Finally, one of my bridesmaids picks up, and this is how our conversation went:


She: LOSE MY NUMBER, TRASH!!! We’re at the ceremony, no one’s waiting for you here…

Me (completely baffled): Umm… what ceremony? I’M STANDING ALONE AT THE ALTAR.

She: ooooh, so you don’t know? Let me hand the phone to your mom, she’ll explain.

So, my mom gets on the line and starts with: Didn’t you get my message this morning?

Me: No. What did it say?

And then, the truth bomb drops. My mom writes that she and her sisters thought my fiancé would be better off with my cousin. Yep, they schemed, got him tangled up in this affair with her, and now she’s expecting A FREAKING BABY!

The wedding I was at was a total sham, a smoke screen while the real action was going down elsewhere with my fiancé and my cousin. I know it sounds impossible and fake, but it happened. After I composed myself, I greeted those who came, told them everything, and left.

I moved far away, and I don’t talk to my family anymore. They can go to hell!

A bridesmaid, the mother-in-law, or a jealous ex-girlfriend could easily ruin a couple’s big day.