My MIL and Her Friends Ate Our $1000 Wedding Cake the Night before Our Wedding, So I Taught Her a Lesson

I was devastated when I discovered my mother-in-law, Linda, and her friends had devoured my $1,000 wedding cake, leaving only crumbs behind. Determined to teach them a lesson, I started planning my revenge.

“No way I’m paying. It’s too expensive for something that tasted disgusting, JUST LIKE YOUR TASTE IN EVERYTHING,” Linda sneered.

Seeing the remains of my cake, I choked out, “Linda, how could you? That cake was for my wedding!” She rolled her eyes, dismissing my tears: “It was just a cake. And honestly, it wasn’t even that good!”

Desperate, I called my best friend Sarah, an amazing baker. “What? How dare she?” Sarah exclaimed. “Don’t worry, Emily, I’m coming over. We’ll fix this.”

Together, we baked a new cake, pouring our hearts into it. Despite the exhaustion, we finished by dawn. The cake was beautiful, filled with love and care.

At the reception, just before cutting the cake, I revealed security footage showing Linda and her friends eating the original. “I installed a camera because I knew Linda didn’t like me,” I explained. The guests gasped, and Linda’s face turned red.

Alex confronted Linda, “You ruined a thousand-dollar cake and caused Emily so much stress. This isn’t funny. It’s cruel!”

As a final touch, the caterers served Linda and her friends slices of Styrofoam cake with notes: “For those with truly tasteless appetites.” The room erupted in laughter.

The evening continued with joy and celebration, and despite Linda’s antics, our wedding day turned out perfect.