My Fiancée Decided to Lock My Daughter up to Exclude Her from Our Wedding — I Overheard It and Came up with a Plan

After losing his wife, Jim finally finds happiness with Emily, but blending families isn’t easy.

“I met Emily three years after my wife’s death,” Jim recalls. Introducing her to his daughter, Amy, was crucial. “It’s just that as much as we’re doing this, I can only continue this relationship if you get along with my daughter,” he told Emily. Thankfully, they hit it off. Amy was thrilled.

Two years later, Jim proposed. As wedding plans unfolded, Amy was excited to be the flower girl. However, Emily suggested her nephew take the role. “No, Emily. Amy is my daughter and she’ll be the flower girl,” Jim insisted.

The night before the wedding, Jim overheard Emily’s bridesmaids plotting to lock Amy in a room. “Emily said she cannot stand seeing Amy,” one bridesmaid said. Anger surged through Jim. He had to protect his daughter.

On the wedding day, Jim found Amy and decided she would walk down the aisle with him. When Emily saw Amy, she was furious. Jim confronted her. “Emily, I thought you loved Amy as much as you claimed to love me. But your actions show otherwise.”

Jim called off the wedding. “This wedding is off. I will not marry someone who would hurt my child.”

The guests applauded as Jim, holding Amy’s hand, led her down the aisle. The next day, over breakfast, Amy asked, “Are you sure it was a good idea not to marry Emily?”

“Yes, sweetheart,” Jim reassured. “I did right by you.”

What would you have done?