My Ex-husband’s New Wife Unexpectedly Contacted Me – What She Wrote Made Me Go Pale

Five years ago, my world fell apart when my husband, Kevin, accidentally texted me instead of his mistress. “I hate her, Jess. I hate Bridget, with every fiber of my being. She can’t even give me a baby.” Knowing he resented me for my infertility and had been unfaithful shattered me.

We divorced, and I received a significant settlement, including part of his company. Kevin soon married Jessica, the woman he cheated with. I moved on, avoiding news about them until a month ago when Jessica contacted me, desperate and scared.

“Kevin doesn’t want the baby,” she confided, “He told me to get rid of it. The divorce cost him too much money.”

Despite our history, I decided to help her. I suggested she move into my lake house and initiated legal action against Kevin. My lawyer drafted a letter warning him against harassment and exposing his demands.

We uncovered financial misconduct in Kevin’s company, causing his downfall. Meanwhile, Jessica and I became friends, and she decided to keep the baby.

Through this ordeal, I found closure, knowing that justice had been served, and Kevin faced the consequences of his actions. Sometimes, karma just needs a little push.