My Downstairs Neighbor Asked Me to Be Quieter at Night, but I Have Not Been Home for the past Week

After a week-long camping trip, Piper returned home excited to see her husband, Matthew. However, her neighbor, Mrs. Peterson, complained about noise from their apartment during her absence. Confused, Piper confronted Matthew.

“Mrs. Peterson just complained about noise coming from our apartment every night last week. I wasn’t here, Matthew. What the hell is going on, and who were you making so much noise with?” Piper asked. Matthew confessed he had lost his job months ago and rented out their apartment as an Airbnb to make money while staying at a friend’s place.

“I’m not having an affair,” he muttered. “I’ve been desperate to make money so that you wouldn’t notice the shortfall. While you were gone, I rented out our apartment.”

Piper, relieved but still processing, reassured Matthew they were a team and should face challenges together. “We’re a team, Matthew. You don’t have to face things like this alone.”

Over the next few days, they discussed their financial situation and planned their next steps. Matthew was actively looking for a job and cutting unnecessary expenses. Piper explained the situation to Mrs. Peterson, who then understood and offered her support.

“Look, Piper,” Mrs. Peterson said, “I’m here and willing to help you out if you ever need the help.”

Together, they faced the challenges, strengthening their bond and planning for a better future.