My daughter and Son In Law shamed me for getting a tattoo at 75. I decided to give them a lesson

I’m 75 and recently got my first tattoo. It’s something I’ve always wanted. When my daughter saw it, she exclaimed, “Mom, what on earth were you thinking? At your age, getting a tattoo is not just inappropriate, it’s downright embarrassing. You’re supposed to be a dignified grandmother, not some rebellious teenager. It looks ridiculous and people will laugh at you.” Her harsh words cut deep, leaving me hurt and unsure about my decision.

This tattoo was a lifelong dream, and I thought that by the time I reached 75, I would be free from the judgment of others. I believed I could finally do something for myself without worrying about what people might think. However, my daughter’s reaction made me question my choice and whether I had made a mistake.

Now, I find myself torn between regretting my tattoo and considering removing it or embracing it as part of who I am. I wonder if I should let my daughter’s opinion influence my happiness or if I should stand by my decision and proudly display my new ink.

Has anyone else dealt with similar harsh criticism from loved ones? How did you handle it? Is it better to prioritize your own happiness, even if it goes against the expectations of those closest to you?