My Cold War with My Conservative In-Laws Ended Differently from What I Expected

I’ve always been patient, a skill I honed after my dad remarried soon after my mom’s death. This patience was crucial when my in-laws tried to break up my husband and me before our marriage.

Cultural Clash

I’m from Morocco, and my husband, Jeremy, is from a conservative family in Georgia. This cultural difference was a significant hurdle. When I first met Jeremy’s family, I was prepared for a challenging experience.

The First Dinner

At our first family dinner, Jeremy’s mom, Leona, introduced me to Diane, Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend, who received more warmth than I did. All the dishes contained pork, which I don’t eat, and the family made passive-aggressive, slightly racist comments. Instead of reacting, I smiled and stayed polite, a lesson from my mother.

Engagement and Wedding

Despite the hostility, Jeremy proposed, shocking his family. They were ignorant of my culture and assumed a traditional wedding. When they wore white, I wore colorful attire, outshining everyone in the photos. The wedding was a blend of traditions, much to their dismay.

The Turning Point

Last Christmas, Leona suggested I host dinner, hoping I’d fail. I prepared a magnificent spread, impressing everyone. Frustrated, Leona accused me of hiring caterers. Jeremy defended me, insisting on an apology. I reassured Leona, saying, “This isn’t a competition. I love your son deeply and don’t want this cold war.”


Leona admitted defeat and our relationship improved. We still have differences, but we’ve grown fond of each other. The cold war ended with a hug and a great dinner.