My Brother Kept Insulting My Husband for Being ‘Just an Electrician’ – I Wanted to Teach Him a Lesson, but Karma Did It Better

My brother and I share a hardworking nature but differ vastly in personality. Raised by white-collar parents, we both carved out successful careers. I married Mark, a master electrician with a thriving business, but Jack, my brother, couldn’t accept that I married an electrician. His snide remarks often got to me, but karma intervened before I could.

Our parents, Tom and Linda, were dedicated and successful, ensuring we grew up with a strong work ethic. My brother, a lawyer, enjoyed flaunting his wealth but lacked the drive to establish his own firm. He preferred maintaining his lavish lifestyle with expensive suits, a Porsche, and an ever-changing fiancée.

In contrast, Mark and I lead a modest life despite his successful business. Jack didn’t realize Mark also went to business school, turning his trade into a lucrative enterprise. Mark’s humility and generosity, especially in surprising our parents with an all-expenses-paid cruise, highlighted his character.

One Mother’s Day, Jack’s arrogance peaked when he ridiculed Mark for being an electrician. Karma struck during a family barbecue when Jack’s Porsche was repossessed. He confessed he’d lost his job after a high-profile case went wrong, leaving him unemployed and in debt.

Seeing his vulnerability, Mark offered him a job. Humbled, Jack accepted, learning the value of honest work and transforming into a more grateful, humble person.