My 5-year-old son started avoiding his mom – His reason greatly worried me, so I confronted my wife

Robert, a father of one, noticed a troubling change in his son Samuel’s behavior. Samuel, 5, began avoiding his mother, Candice, prompting Robert to investigate. “Sam, why have you been avoiding your mom recently?” he asked, to which Sam replied, “Mom has changed. She has a secret and doesn’t want to share it with me.”

Sam disclosed that he saw his mother crying frequently and hiding a photo in a green box.

Curious and concerned, Robert confronted Candice with the photo. “Candice, do you have a secret lover?” he asked.

Candice’s answer was a relief but also shocking. “No! No, I didn’t cheat. Okay, I will tell you the full story, but please do not tell anybody about it,” she pleaded. She revealed that before her grandmother died, she was given a photograph showing that she had a twin brother she never knew. Her mother had an affair, resulting in twins, and each parent took one child.

The discovery left Robert and Candice grappling with the implications. “I’m crying because I never had the chance to know my biological father.

Also, I can’t be in my brother’s life without hurting my mom and my dad,” Candice explained, revealing her deep emotional conflict over whether to connect with her brother or protect her parents’ feelings.