Mother posts picture breastfeeding toddler in public – she finally responds to all the backlash

The debate over public breastfeeding isn’t new, but one young mother, Trinati, is making headlines with her bold stance. She breastfeeds her 17-month-old daughter anywhere, often facing judgment and discomfort from onlookers.

Trinati recalls being ushered into broom closets by store employees, but she refuses to hide. “I never shy away from providing my children with what they may need from me based on our surroundings,” she asserts. She even had her son take a picture of her breastfeeding at Costco to make a point.

Despite judgment from strangers and uncomfortable questions from friends and family, Trinati remains resolute. “How long are you going to do ‘that’ for?” they ask, to which she responds, “As long as she needs me to!” She is tired of people sexualizing breastfeeding, declaring, “Really? Have you SEEN breastfeeding breasts? These are basically udders right now. Get over yourself!”

Trinati wants to normalize breastfeeding in public and ensure her children know their needs are her priority. “My baby’s needs come waaaaaay before anyone else’s attempts to make me feel inappropriate for this sometimes-public act of nourishing and/or comforting my children,” she emphasizes.

Ultimately, Trinati believes breastfeeding is essential for nurturing trust and healthy relationships. “For me, breastfeeding demonstrates this to my children, and for this reason, I will never feel shame for allowing a baby of mine to do this with me in any environment.”