Mother of 4 scalped in seconds after simple mistake – now she’s warning all women

Alon Abare, a mother of four, suffered a horrific accident when her hair got entangled in her car’s ,

fan belt while she attempted to fix a minor issue herself. In her own words, “They were focused, and they were driven by… you know, I think they wanted to save their mom.” Thanks to her quick-thinking children, her life was saved as they turned off the engine and freed her hair with scissors.

Abare’s recovery has been painful, accompanied by substantial medical expenses. She now urges women to be cautious when working on their cars, emphasizing the importance of tying back their hair to prevent such accidents.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise from simple mistakes while working on vehicles. Abare’s story highlights the significance of taking safety precautions and seeking professional help when necessary to avoid life-threatening situations.