“Mommy just made alien water on the floor”

Chantelle Edmund had carefully planned an underwater birth, but life had a different agenda,

Baby Eva Rai arrived two weeks early, leaving Chantelle with no choice but to deliver at home. Her 8-year-old daughter, Keira Jade, and niece stepped up.

In Chantelle’s words, “When the unexpected happens, you discover how strong you truly are.” Keira and her niece fetched towels and water, aiding in the rapid delivery. Just 35 minutes later, little Eva Rai entered the world with Keira’s steady hands helping.

After ensuring her mom and sister’s safety, Keira called for an ambulance, humorously telling the operator, “My mother just made an alien on the floor!” Before this, Keira believed babies came from a “secret door” in a mother’s belly. This real-life experience transformed her into a hero in her school community and filled her with immense love for her new sister.

As the story illustrates, heroism can come from unexpected places, often closer to home than we realize.