Mom Fights For Son, 8, To Keep His Long Hair Despite Schools Rejecting Him

Bonnie Miller, a mother in London, is taking a stand against schools that rejected her 8-year-old son, Farouk James, due to his long hair. Farouk, an aspiring child model, attracted attention from modeling agencies worldwide. However, school regulations in the UK, where they live, prohibit boys from having long hair.

Farouk’s father is Ghanaian, and they waited until he was three to cut his hair. Bonnie believes these rules infringe on children’s rights and has started a petition called the Mane Generation on She aims to combat hair prejudice not only in the UK but also globally.

Despite having a large following on Farouk’s Instagram, they face both support and criticism. Bonnie refuses to compromise her son’s identity by cutting his hair to fit school regulations.

Some schools’ policies against certain hairstyles, like dreadlocks or braids, are viewed as discriminatory. Bonnie advocates for Farouk and other children who want to express their ethnic identity through their hair.