Maria is dying. Then carer takes something out of his pocket and fulfills her last wish.

Maria, a former singing and piano teacher in her final days at an Ohio care facility, longed for the music that once filled her life.

Joshua Woodard, her former student and now a caregiver at the facility, was determined to grant her final wish. Maria’s wish was simple: to hear the song “How Great Thou Art” one last time.

Joshua, who had known Maria since he was just 9 years old, sang the heartfelt rendition of her favorite song with the lyrics on his phone. This touching moment was captured on film by Maria’s sister-in-law.

Maria’s story reminds us of the fear many have of growing old and losing their independence. As she faced the end of her life, music provided comfort and connection. In the words of Marti Adkins Redmond, “Hospice workers are angels, but this hospice aide is special.” Joshua’s act of kindness and the enduring bond between teacher and student exemplify the beauty of compassion in the face of mortality.