Man Spends $70k To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, But Wait Till You See What He Looked Like Before

Quest Gulliford’s transformation is nothing short of dramatic, having invested over $70,000 in,

full-body tattoos, including his eyeballs. His journey into body modification began after surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his youth, an ordeal that inspired his first tattoo and marked the beginning of his passion for ink. He vividly remembers feeling superhuman after defeating cancer, which propelled him to express himself through extensive tattoos.

Gulliford shares his transformation on social media, where he has gained over a million followers on TikTok. His body art, which started with a simple “God First” and a purple cancer ribbon, now covers him from head to toe. He describes the eyeball tattooing process as more of a modification than a regular tattoo, involving ink injections rather than traditional methods.

His social media posts include before-and-after photos that document his evolution from having minimal tattoos to becoming a full-body canvas, showcasing his journey of resilience and self-expression.