Man Arrested Over ‘Derogatory’ Bumper Sticker On His Pickup Truck

Dillon Shane Webb, a 23-year-old from Florida, was arrested in May 2019 for a decal on his car reading “I Eat Ass.” Webb was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy in Lake City, who deemed the sticker derogatory. When asked to remove or alter the decal, Webb refused, leading to charges of resisting arrest and obscenity.

Webb disagreed with the deputy, arguing that explaining the sticker to children was the parent’s responsibility, not his. Webb’s attorney, Andrew Bonderud, praised his client for standing up for his First Amendment rights, calling it an act of bravery.

By Thursday, the charges against Webb were dropped. Assistant State Attorney John Foster Durrett stated that Webb had a valid First Amendment defense. This incident highlights ongoing debates about free speech in America, with claims of a “free speech crisis” affecting various public spaces, including the internet and college campuses.