Look Closer… Vintage Photos That Were Never Edited

Few things are as satisfying as a trip down memory lane  and it’s even better when you find something you didn’t notice before,

Because as Ferris Bueller said  life moves pretty fast. Here are dozens of pictures of celebrities and remarkable people of yesteryear in all their beautiful, vintage glory.

The glamour, the fashions, the hair  whether classically elegant, effortlessly cool, or interestingly tacky, we shall not see their like again.

Here’s to the movie stars who were larger than life, here’s to the rock stars who lived on the edge, here’s to the comedians who still make us smile, here’s to the bit players who had those moments of glory that changed their lives forever.

It’s all good, it’s all groovy, and the rest is history.

Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett during filming of the 1981 comedy “The Cannonball Run.”

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! You’re gonna lose! Lose! Lose! A miffed Maureen McCormick on The Brady Bunch, 1972.