Lightning Strikes Missouri Dairy Farm, Tragically Claiming Lives of 32 Cows

Severe weather in Missouri caused chaos, tragically hitting Jared Blackwelder’s dairy farm in Springfield. On a routine Saturday morning, Jared and his wife Misty were feeding their cows, unaware of the brewing storm.

Later, Jared discovered the lifeless bodies of 32 cows. “The thing that made this the worst was just the sheer number of cows that were affected,” said Stan Coday, president of the Wright County Missouri Farm Bureau.

A veterinarian confirmed lightning as the cause of death. The cows had likely sought refuge behind trees during the storm. “This was nothing that he had any control over,” empathized Coday, recalling his own loss of a cow to lightning.

The financial impact is significant, with each organic cow valued at $2,000 to $2,500, totaling nearly $60,000. Jared’s distress is compounded by the uncertainty of insurance coverage. “Most producers don’t carry insurance. If you lose a cow, you’ve lost everything,” Coday explained.

This tragic event highlights the unpredictable power of nature and the profound impact on farmers. Despite the loss, the resilience and spirit of farmers like Jared Blackwelder endure.