King Charles ‘denied’ taking a photo with son Prince Harry for a reason, royal biographer explains

King Charles III recently declined a photo opportunity with his son, Prince Harry, during the Duke’s visit to the UK, as explained by royal biographer Tom Bower. Bower suggests that this decision was strategic, aimed at preventing the Duke from using the photo to boost his personal brand. “The King and his advisors have seen this for what it really is. It’s all about boosting the brand which is suffering terribly,” Bower commented.

Bower also highlighted that Prince Harry wanted the photo to enhance his image ahead of a trip to Nigeria with his wife, Meghan, intending to capitalize on his royal status. “Harry was desperate for a photo opportunity with the King…to get to Nigeria and say ‘I come here as a member of the Royal Family,'” Bower stated.

Reactions are divided. Some support the King’s cautious stance, while others criticize his lack of familial support. Despite the disputes, Prince Harry continues to receive substantial public affection during his engagements in the UK.