Joy Behar Calls Dolly Parton’s Jolene Anti-Feminist And Fans Come Unglued

Joy Behar sparked a debate on “The View” by calling Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene” anti-feminist. Behar argued that Parton’s plea to “Jolene” to not steal her man shows insecurity and possessiveness, which she believes undermines women’s empowerment.

Behar also expressed a preference for Beyoncé’s rendition, titled “Cowboy Carter,” which she feels offers a more empowering message. In Beyoncé’s version, the singer warns the other person to stay away from her relationship, rather than pleading with them.

The discussion drew significant attention, with fans and celebrities weighing in. Country music star Reba McEntire laughed off Behar’s comments and praised Beyoncé’s contributions to country music.

Behar stands by her opinion, applauding Beyoncé’s rendition for portraying a confident woman confronting relationship challenges head-on. Interestingly, Dolly Parton herself appreciates Beyoncé’s take on the song, adding another layer to the debate.

This topic has stirred strong emotions, and the conversation is likely to continue as long as people are willing to discuss it.