JLo Slammed for Acting ‘So Rude’ toward Guest at Met Gala Red Carpet: Video & Details of What Happened

Jennifer Lopez is under fire for her dismissive behavior towards reporter Anika Reed at the Met Gala. Captured in a viral video, Lopez responded to Reed’s question about her outfit with a brief “Schiaparelli,” before moving on. The interaction sparked outrage on social media, with one user commenting, “The way she answered TELLS YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW,” and another noting, “The dress is incredible, the person wearing it not so much.”

Lopez has previously addressed rumors of her ‘diva’ behavior, admitting in a 2019 interview to being “incredibly impatient.” Despite her co-star Constance Wu’s description of her as “kind and down-to-earth,” public perception often differs. Lopez also highlighted the double standards she faces as a Latina in the industry, emphasizing her resilience against criticism.

Despite the backlash, Lopez’s appearance in a meticulously crafted Schiaparelli gown was a fashion highlight of the evening, showcasing exquisite crystal embellishments that captivated the Gala attendees.