Jennifer Garner ‘proud to show off’ her boyfriend – and you might recognize him

Jennifer Garner, 51, is proudly showcasing her relationship with businessman John Miller, finding happiness away from the spotlight that characterized her marriage to Ben Affleck. “She loves how little he cares for the limelight,” a source told Us Weekly, describing their preference for a low-profile lifestyle, contrasting sharply with Hollywood’s typical scene.

Miller, the CEO of CaliBurger, entered Garner’s life shortly before her 2018 divorce from Affleck. The couple, who briefly separated in 2020 over marriage views, now display a stronger, more open bond. They’ve been spotted engaging warmly with Affleck, signaling a harmonious blend of past and present relationships.

Recently more open with their affection, Garner and Miller were seen enjoying outings and family gatherings, including a significant celebration for Garner’s 50th birthday with all their children. “They’re in a great place,” another insider reported, noting their security in their relationship. While not rushing into marriage, they cherish their connection, enjoying the stability and joy it brings.