Jennifer Garner, 52, Is Proudly Showing Off Her New Boyfriend… And You Better Sit Down, Because You Might Recognize Him!

Jennifer Garner, 52, has been quietly dating businessman John Miller. Unlike the media frenzy around her ex Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Garner and Miller prefer to keep their relationship low-key.

They have been dating for five years, with Miller being a CEO and former attorney. According to a source, “They don’t need approval from others to know they’re meant to be together.” Garner, who shares three children with Affleck, appreciates Miller’s indifference to the Hollywood spotlight.

After splitting briefly in 2020, friends say the couple brings out the best in each other. Miller is supportive and respects Garner’s need for personal space. They enjoy spontaneous adventures and vacations. A source revealed, “Jen has become much more confident around John.” The couple, now more open about their relationship, united their families for a meaningful food drive during Garner’s 50th birthday.

Their relationship is different from Garner’s past public romance. Friends mention marriage is a possibility but there’s no rush. Garner finds joy in appreciating their bond without needing a specific title.