Jennifer Aniston’s candid comments about Matthew Perry’s struggles before his death

Jennifer Aniston, known for her role as Rachel Green in Friends, recently shared her surprise at the anxiety and self-torment Matthew Perry endured behind Chandler Bing’s facade. During the Friends reunion, Perry opened up about the pressure he placed on himself to make people laugh, admitting that if a joke didn’t land, he would “go into convulsions.

” Aniston commented on this, saying, “I didn’t understand the level of anxiety and self-torture.” Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay, expressed her shock, saying, “You didn’t tell us that then.”

Aniston also revealed her past romantic feelings for co-star David Schwimmer, who portrayed Ross Geller, attributing it to “unrequited love” and a connection that still exists. This revelation adds a layer of complexity to their on-screen chemistry.

Matthew Perry’s struggles extended beyond comedic pressure. He openly discussed his battles with drug abuse, even surviving an opioid overdose at age 49. Doctors gave him a mere 2% chance of survival, but he persevered on his path to recovery, determined not to be “wasted” while working with his talented co-stars.