Jason Momoa makes shock claim about living situation after Lisa Bonet divorce

Jason Momoa has made headlines with his surprising living situation following his divorce from Lisa Bonet. Despite his wealth, the 44-year-old Aquaman actor has opted for a humble lifestyle, choosing to live in a van after their split.

Momoa and Bonet were once a beloved Hollywood couple, known for keeping their relationship private. They met in 2005 at a jazz club and quickly fell in love, eventually marrying in 2017 and having two children. However, their 16-year relationship ended in January 2022, and Bonet filed for divorce in January 2024.

Despite their differences—Momoa loves travel and adventure, while Bonet enjoys cozy activities like reading and cooking—they remain committed to co-parenting their children. Following their separation, Momoa chose to live in a $750,000 Ford RV, parked near his former home and often used during filming.

Momoa’s choice of “van life” reflects his easygoing nature and preference for simplicity. He shares glimpses of this lifestyle on social media, highlighting eco-friendly elements and his resourceful setup.

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